offshore fishing

The Captain’s Platter of Sport Fishing Destinations

In almost every facet of our modern lives, folks are most attracted by a diversity of selection. Whether it be more menu options at a restaurant, more movie choices on an online streaming video site or the convenience of one-stop shopping at a “Super” store, the more options available to customers the better. The world of Sport Fishing is no different, and some of the most frequently traveled to destinations for anglers owe their popularity simply to having more species of fish to target. Perhaps that is why Virginia Beach is known worldwide as a mecca for sport fishing, as it offers a mind boggling assortment of opportunities for anglers.

Much of the diversity of fishing targets in Virginia Beach owes to its central location between the arctic and tropical waters of the North Atlantic. Coldwater species like Striped Bass, Tautog and Bluefin Tuna migrate south during the winter and likewise, popular southern sport fish including Red Drum, Cobia and Spotted Seatrout journey to these waters as the mercury rises during Spring and Summer each year.

Other factors that account for the stunning diversity of opportunities available to anglers are Chesapeake Bay being just to the north of Virginia Beach and the Gulf Stream current of the Atlantic running close by offshore. Chesapeake Bay is known for having an array of in-shore targets like Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, Black Drum and Flounder.

Virginia Beach waters are heavily littered with a variety of wrecks, reefs and offshore towers that attract species like Grouper, Cobia, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Bluefish and more for a variety of near shore fishing options. And with the opportunity for a relatively short run offshore to the Gulf Stream, anglers can break out the heavy tackle and spend the day tackling Sailfish, Tuna, Marlins and Mahi-Mahi.

Whale watching tours, scuba diving the myriad artificial reefs and wrecks and amazing in-shore eco-tours are also available to round out activities for anglers coming to Virginia Beach for extended vacations. And there are plenty of experienced chartered fishing guides and services available to cater to fishermen and their friends and families when they arrive. Many offer multiple charter options that reflect the multiple fishing adventures that Virginia Beach offers.

For sport anglers looking for the perfect vacation spot for saltwater angling, Virginia
Beach has something for every type of angler. Just like the Captain’s Platter at a many seafood restaurants, it has the largest variety of goodies for sport fishing fanatics. So whether you are looking for a specific species or wanting to sample a little of everything, the opportunities here are so numerous you are guaranteed to never get tired of the fishing.


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