Nature’s 30 Ton Acrobatic Artists

Each winter more and more tourists are heading to Virginia Beach looking forward to an ocean vacation where they have the opportunity to make super-sized memories to last a lifetime. The experience they are seeking is the thrilling chance of a personal encounter with one of the largest sentient creatures ever to exist on Earth. Humpback Whale watching tours in Chesapeake Bay heat up when the temperatures cool off, allowing tourists spectacular opportunities to view these giant acrobatics up close.

Seeing any of the large baleen whales in person is a majestic event, but Humpbacks are particularly well known for being a favorite amongst whale watchers. Known for their intense curiosity, some individual whales may approach whale watching tours closely, allowing both the whale and the tourists to get better views of each other. And Humpbacks are tremendously active at the surface, breaching, rolling, tail thumping and playing which all makes for perhaps the biggest natural gymnastic performance on Earth. Their combination of approachability and the tendency to act like 30 ton American Ninja Warriors of the ocean have allowed this once endangered species to become the mainstays of whale tourism worldwide.

Every winter, from December through February, Humpbacks migrating along Virginia’s coast stop and visit Chesapeake Bay, using the area the same way a long distance driver uses a travel station. The deep water and abundant food sources available make it a great pit stop where the Humpbacks can get a meal and play around. Charter guides specializing in Whale Watching trips are available to take excited visitors out to watch the action up close and experience one of Nature’s most thrilling ocean attractions.

And Fin Whales also migrate through the area. Second in size only to the Blue Whale, Fin whales are longer and more streamlined than Humpbacks, and are capable of great speed. Besides the giant cetaceans, whale watching trips often encounter a variety of other amazing inhabitants of the waters off Virginia Beach, like pods of dolphins and harbor seals. They are all attracted by the combination of deep water just offshore and Chesapeake Bay’s rich ecosystem with abundantly available food sources. So whale watchers always have an amazing time, with such a buffet of sights and sounds to take in.

Few things could rank higher than the sublime phenomenon of your own personal encounter with Humpback Whales in the wild. Take a trip to Virginia Beach this winter and experience for yourself the marvel of watching these awe inspiring giants frolic and play. It will make your heart leap and do tricks, just like the whales!


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