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An Enchanted Entanglement of Inshore Opportunities

Nestled away along the gulf coast of Florida is an angling paradise that is one of the Sunshine State’s most unspoiled ecosystems. The small town of Homosassa, FL is home to some of the best inshore saltwater fishing anywhere in the eastern United States. Nearby Homosassa Springs, an amazing first magnitude spring, discharges nearly 65 million gallons or more of clear, clean freshwater into the Homosassa River daily. From there the pure water flows a short 7.7 miles to the ocean, passing through an enchanted labyrinth of salt marsh islets before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. This spring fed water system helps create and sustain a beautiful and productive coastal habitat where some of the top game fish species sought by angling aficionados thrive.

Red Drum, Spotted Seatrout and Snook are abundant in Homosassa Bay. Catching one of each in a single trip is known as a “Southern Slam”, and few areas in Florida offer anglers a better opportunity for completing this feat. But there are plenty of other species that are regulars in the area as well. Sheepshead, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Pompanos, Jack Crevalle and Tarpon are all commonly targeted by anglers launching out of Homosassa.

As a bonus, the magic in the water that makes for such amazing sport fishing makes for an amazing diversity of other wildlife as well. Manatees congregate in the river year round, drawn in during the winter by a constant discharge of warm water from the springs. Alligators, bobcats, bear and dolphins are common sights for anglers lucky enough to spend a day or weekend fishing here. In Homosassa there is always something amazing to see!

As the river empties into Homosassa Bay, it braids out and divides, creating a maze of interconnected channels and pathways through hardwood hammock islets and islands so plentiful that no one person could know all their names. Places like Tiger Tail Bay, Hell Gate, Petty Creek, Beli Island, Gustaf Bay, Coffin Point and others dot maps of coast. You could go fishing every day of the year and no two trips would have to be alike.

The routes to and through this ecosystem are literally almost endless. Such an enchanting entanglement of waterways and routes provides an endless delight for those out looking to wander, wonder and explore. Local guides are a great way to see some of the best of Homosassa Bay without worrying about getting lost, which can be easy to do in these waters. Come to Homosassa and experience the magic yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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