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Roanoke Island – Fishing in a Mystery

Even from its earliest days, America has been a land of mysteries and secrets. The mystery of what happened on Roanoke Island to the first colonial settlement in the New World is perhaps one of its oldest puzzles. To this day, the disappearance of the Lost Colony has never been fully explained, despite centuries of research and investigation by scholars, historians and archaeologists both professional and amateur. It has been a long time since the James Colony vanished, and Roanoke Island still keeps its secrets. Perhaps the island is just prone to secrets, as today it is like a secret launching point for some of the best offshore fishing of anywhere on the Atlantic Coast.

After America’s first European settlement abruptly disappeared somewhere between 1585 and 1590, the island remained sparsely populated. Surrounded by the Outer Banks, it was a favorite hiding place of pirates and Blackbeard may have used it as a secret hideaway as well. Not until the Civil War though did people attempt to settle Roanoke again. The Confederate States built three forts on Roanoke, but quickly lost them to the Union in 1862 after the amphibious assault and Battle of Roanoke Island.

The Union army took control of the forts, and by 1864, thousands of slaves from the mainland had fled to the Union-occupied are with hopes of gaining freedom. This colony of freedmen grew to as many as 2,200, but quickly dwindled after the Civil War when the forts were dismantled and the land returned to its former southern owners. Since those earlier days, the primary thing the island has been known for is the simply amazing variety of fishing action available for sport anglers. If it swims in the Atlantic, you can book a charter out of Roanoke to go catch it.

Roanoke Island is located on North Carolina’s coast, and its amazing geographical location midway between the tropical waters and arctic provides an easily accessible launch point for a diversity of Outer Banks fishing charters, both inshore and offshore. Located close to the Oregon Inlet and the Gulf Stream, the island has an abundance of great harbors packed with marinas for sport anglers looking to tackle a variety of saltwater favorites.

Known as “The Billfish Capital of the World,” blue marlin, white marlin and sail fishing charters are extremely popular year round. Another top draw is yellowfin tuna fishing, which are caught year-round. Wahoo, King Mackerel, Cobia and Mahi-Mahi are also abundant in offshore waters. And inshore fishing is fantastic as well with a buffet of fishermen’s favorites, like Red Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Sheepshead and more.
Roanoke Island is like a sport angler’s paradise, with access to deep water, cold water, warm water and shallow water species all conveniently within reach of its plentiful marinas.


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